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We are certified Mountain Guide UIAGM IFGA IVBV and we try to work with the nature way, like dots in the universe. We live in a paradise called Earth, which we are gradually transforming into a garbage dump. We are here as guests, like all the other animals, but we act as if we have the right to destroy, without respect for other life forms.
Equipped with this awareness, with our alpine guides we explore this paradise, taking care with the necessary safety systems, because Nature is the most powerful force in existence, which does not submit to anything or anyone.
Convinced that the future is young people, we sow seeds in the minds of the little ones, so that through direct experience they learn to love this planet and to enjoy it in full respect.

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Endless possibilities to explore around the world, our staff has a worldwide curriculum.

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Our team of mountain guides is certified, to make a safe and fun experience