Multi-pitch routes

Let yourself be guided by our professional team on fantastic multi-pitch climbing routes immersed in breathtaking landscapes, lengths from 120 m to 1000 m on dolomite, limestone or granite in the Dolomites, Sarca and Adige valleys, and Adamello. There are more than 1300 climbing itineraries in the Sarca and Adige valleys alone, a wide choice that never gets boring!
The Sarca Valley is particularly flexible, where thanks to the Mediterranean microclimate guaranteed by the proximity of the lake it is possible to climb all year round, giving us pleasant Winter climbs.
The route choice is based on the season, or you can choose a specific route and we will tell you when is the best time to climb it.
The cost of a 3-4 pitches route is € 220, while the long routes in the Sarca/Arco or Adige valley start at € 350.
If you wish to climb Mont Blanc we can operate there as well, there are routes up to 1500 m length, the cost varying according to the degree of difficulty and length.
If you have a special route as your secret wish, don't hesitate any longer! Contact us for a quotation.

**N.B.: Tell your guide in advance about any medical and/or physical condition, allergy, or others that may negatively affect the activity and result in dangerous situations for yourself, your companions, and the guide.**


rock-climbing shoes, harness, helmet (rentable); rope and other climbing material provided by the guide.
Winter only in Sarca Valley, everywhere in all other seasons.
Sarca Valley, Adige Valley, Dolomites, Adamello, Cima d'Asta, Mt. Blanc, Alps.
€ 250 a 3/4 pitches route;
€ 350 starting price for longer routes;
famous routes quoted on request.
max. 2 persons per guide.



from 250€