Try climbing in Trento

from 60€

The half day is dedicated to those who have never climbed before and want to try it for the first time.
Contents teaching the correct use of brakes for safety, Basic techniques. Or to those who want to spend half a day climbing as well as immerse themselves in the history of the First World War.

Try climbing in Trento

Half day climbing on a cliff located on top of one of the hills of Trento with an excursion through the fortifications of the First World War


from March to October


"Mauro Giovanazzi" cliff located on top of the small hill above Cimirlo
Appointment at the Cimirlo pass

Who can

To any person who wants to try their hand or just try climbing combined with the excursion of about 50min max
the level goes from 3 to 6c


all equipment will be provided by us


1\2 Day 9-13 14-17

cost for person for 1/2 day

2 people 100€ per person
3 people 80€ " "
4 people 65€ " "
6 people 60€ " "

Cost for person for 1 day

2 people 170 € per person
3 people120€ " "
4 people 95€ " "
6 people 70€ " "