trad crack climbing course

4-days 470€

Finger lock, Hand jam, Thin hand, Fist, Butterfly, Arm bar, Chicken wings, Off-width...

These English words describe, with increasing width of the crack, the many positions that the body assumes to stuck itself in the cracks with any available limb, to maintain the grip and advance in the climb.
We dedicate 2 weekends to the use of our body for the progression in a crack: we will use everything, not just hands and feet but also knees, elbows and back; we will use the fast protections 'friends' and 'nuts', which thanks to the tips of our alpine guides will have no more secrets!

1st weekend: location Cadarese (VB), we climb single pitch cracks, clearly we climb many, until we drop!
Required grade: 6b.

2nd weekend: location Orco Valley, here we tackle the multi-pitch routes.
Required grade: 5c / 6a.

The course is intended for those who already practice sport climbing and want to try crack climbing and the traditional protection system (Trad).
You can decide to attend one or both appointments.

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Spring 21/22 May Cada ; 1/2 Luglio Orco o Presanella rif Segantini
Autumn 1-2; 8-9 October Orco first and after Cadarese.


Cadarese (VB), Orco Valley


rock climbing shoes, harness, helmet, finger tape or gloves, 70-80 m rope, giga jul mega jul or ATC, 4 screw carabiner, daisy chain; if you have any, bring your friends and nuts.


or single weekend: 1^ weekend Cadarese 230€/pers, 2^ weekend Orco Valley 260€/pers;


min. 4 / max. 8 persone


suitable for the season and the weather, gore-tex or windproof jacket always recommended.