Canyoning & river trekking (not possible Trento rivertrekking)

CANYONING: is an outdoor activity developed in France in the late 1980s.
Where the millennial history of water has shaped the earth, forming gorges, slides and natural pools by digging into the rock, we will accompany you wearing a wetsuit, harness and helmet. Real natural fun parks in the water where you can savor adventure, adrenaline, and cool down the Summer heat with jumps (max 5-6m) and rope abseiling, while our professional mountain guides will manage your safety during the activity in full respect of nature.

We strongly emphasize respect for nature, avoid peeing in the wetsuit, listen carefully to the briefing made by the guides before tackling this activity in order to reduce any possible risk.

There are several canyons practicable in the North-Eastern Alps, particularly in Trentino-Alto Adige, starting from Trento with the recently wild weel canyon is the best neare Trento we discovered Fersina, Rio Nero, Palvico, Tignale, ...and in the neighbouring regions Veneto & Lombarday.

Participants: from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 40 with the possibility of managing corporate team building groups.

RIVER TREKKING: playful activity like canyoning but less extreme, it can be practiced at any age and consists of walking up the course of streams, jumping on rocks, swimming into pools, diving from the largest boulder, and allows you to observe river life from a new point of view, precisely from the water, the flora that inhabits the banks and the fish fauna. The route can be done as a loop and in the more fortunate streams on the way back we can play by being carried downstream for some sections by the current.
Excellent activity for 'team-building' as it stimulates empathy and cooperation between the participants, who will have to help each other in the fords where the water has greater strength by means of current cutting techniques previously explained by the professional mountain guide.
It is practiced with sneakers, swimsuit and float jacket and helmet (the latter two provided by us).


Summer, and anyway only with favourable water conditions in the stream.

stay cool in Summer!