Canyoning Trento

Canyoning is an outdoor activity, which dates back to the late 80s and develops in France, consists of descending, dressed in a wetsuit, a harness, a helmet, using ropes of the itineraries created over thousands of years by the water that has carved slides natural pools , where you have fun jumping (max 5-6 m) slipping and swimming in these natural water-fun. We recommend respect for nature by avoiding peeing in the suit, reducing risk by listening carefully to the briefing made by the guides and the same during Canyoning.Always warned the mountain guide of your allergic medical conditions and physical preparation. We do Canyoning 40 minutes from Levico Caldonazzo Lakes and 45 from Trento

In these areas we can boast of various routes from easy and fun to difficult and technical


Max 7 people

Min 4 people
Cosa forniamo
Service guide wetsuit harness helmets
where and Costs
Wild Wheel 75€
Calavino: Leno 70 €

Val di Ledro: Rio Nero family 75 € integral 120 €

Storo. Palvico  price € 85

Tignale: Tignale upper part 75 € Half 85 €  Full 110

Trento: 75 €  family- integral 95€ if is no much water



From 75€