Trad krag neare Trento

Crag of Valcava: from Trento you take the Valsugana, exit at Cire and pass Lases Lona and enter the Floriana valley (orographic left of the Cembra valley) after Segonzano you will meet a Bivio di Valcava which is a small village. possible and go down, take the first road to the right which leads to a tributary of the Avisio. On the right, this short but ductile Wall is found, which was discovered by Andrea Stenico, who cleaned up the first crack in about 2000 and then Massimo Faletti and Ivan Savoi cleared the first 12 lines with the help of the legendary native Efrem Giovanela and thanks to him you can climb various crags and bouldering areas in the area basalt Rock.
Lately Geremia Vergoni has freed a few lines up to 7c or c + to be confirmed
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Equipment you can climb tope rope or you need a crash pad an 2 set of small friends to 3wild country and nuts off sets

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max Faletti Ivan Savoi Efrem Giovanella Jimi Vergoni


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