Crack Hose Limarò Gourges

Approach: On the road that leads from Sarche to Ponte Arche stop between the Limarò tunnels, where on the right there is the restaurant at the Limarò .You can park on a clearing on the road and cross the road or park inside. of the lawn asking permission to therestaurant guy. On the way to the farm restaurant, go down a steep gully (ropes) between the two rocks just to the right of the bolted Crag , crossing the meadow on the left. Trad climbing routes not very tame with few fixed protections (the x are bolts and P pitones) are pegs the route "the Screem of the stream" marked in red, it is not finished there is no exit pitch and but let's say that the difficulties are over, descend from a tree looking up to the left by clipping one of the two passing bolts of the penultimate pitch, let go. On the "crack that takes care of you with care" there are stops for the rappel, Material used on the" screem". 2 sets of friends up to the big Blue wild country including the micro friends and off sets nuts paying attention to the stream crossing you risk to fall down up in the sarca stream bolt high passage of V + VI to reach it. Up "Fessura then ti cura". friend up to large green from micro two series to large gray and off sets nuts

Anno apertura:

screem 30-9-2020 Fessura ottobre 2018


Screem Matteo della Bordella Max Faletti fessura Franz Salvaterra Max Faletti Mirco Corn