Living in a paradise

VIA LIVING IN A PARADISE (avancorpo della cima Sella)
First ascent 15-12-2015
Jacopo Pellizzari e Max Faletti
Approach: In the Tuckett hut is a great bivi, you walk past the Tuckett hut after the water container before the Tuckett Pass (bocca di Tuckett ) you can see a slaby Wall and above a yello wall with a black and orange crack situated from the right to the left, there run Living in a paradise . on the lower part of the route you follow a mixed and ice linee . first pitch 20m 4+ rock climbing belay 1 in a bolt and a v thread on the left side of a ramp after move to the right until the small ice fall and climb W-ice 3 65m
Belay2 Spike and bolt . Move on the ledge to the right 50m Belay on friends Climb ca 60 m 4°+ wi sosta belay on v thread and bolt below a overhanging rock on the left 3 belay; Follow the ice linee on the right after you find a big Boulder tourn this on the right and there you can find the other V thread 30m wi 2 4 belay
Now 35m overhanging crac to the right one piton on the crux grade 7 belay 5.
climb left on a chimney before on the left and arrived on a ledge go to the right grade 4 rock find two v thread belay 6.
Climb on the left20 m ca last protection is a smal cord jammed on the rock belay on spike. If there isn't snow go to the top and walk down on the Della Giacoma Ferrata.
we Rappelling down
. Equipment: from the smal blue to the big gray wild country friends 4 ice screw medium and 2 short some Cord for the belay and some pitones could be usefull. Ask for the Conditions
have a good climb

Anno apertura:

15 12 2015


Massimo Faletti Jacopo Pellizzari