Brenta Dolomites Ice & Mixed Francesco Canarini Crag

In 2004 I started with my friend Mirco Corn to open a pitch from the ground up that reached the fringes of the Princess waterfall located to the right of the Vallesinella castle in the years 2014-15-16-17-18 Massimo Faletti Andrea M Speziali we managed to create this little gem that can be used from November December to April May depending on the conditions. Most of it was bolted from below and often in self-belay.. How to get there ? going up with the Grostè lifts, cross towards Castello di Vallesinella using more or less the summer track that from Groste to the Tuckett refuge descends until the summer path starts to climb again and on the left you will see the Princess Waterfall the crag is located there .Have respect for the mountain, leave it cleaner than you find

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