Via gli sperperi dall’Italia ! passo del Tonale Cima Monticelli

About 200m route opened before the Poderosa which copies the first part The route was opened by Massimo Faletti and Riky Piana the start is located on the third fan of the mountaintop slope published in 2021 because there is always time left some pegs need a series of totem cams or bd up to blue with micro and series nuts off set the route climbs the canal and then climbs and faces a vertical chimney ascent reaches m 6 +
L1 m4
l2 m4 / 5
l3 m6 +
l4 snow ramp and 2 easy rock jumps
equipped for abseiling with 60m ropes

Anno apertura:



Massimo Faletti Riky Pianai