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Fersina Project

The Sunnyclimb video about the first day of cleaning the Fersina river.
The initiative took place on March 30, 2019 thanks to the collaboration of SAT volunteers and the Fire Brigade, who together with the Sunnyclimb mountain guides started the revaluation project of this piece of natural territory located just around the corner of the city of Trento; in addition to restoring its cleanliness, the final goal is to encourage the 'healthy' use of the banks of the stream, to allow nature-loving citizens to practice various activities here such as fishing, observation of the rich local flora and fauna, climbing, the simple walk, and also accompanied outdoor activities such as river-trekking and canyoning.
In the gorge there are already climbing routes built over the years by Trentino climbers on a voluntary basis, a part of which can also be used in Winter for ice climbing. By expanding the area of ​​use of this territory to other activities within everyone's reach, it is hoped that there will be greater attendance by 'clean' users, to the detriment of the dirty ones who contaminate the banks of the splendid stream.
It should also be said that a large part of the garbage found on the river banks comes from the viaduct that connects Trento to Valsugana, which overlooks a good stretch of the river.
The hope is that through photo-traps and appropriate signs along the road, coupled with heavy penalties, we can finally put an end to the bad habit of throwing waste on the ground and from the car window. Until this happens, we will continue to periodically clean the Fersina and raise awareness of as many people as possible, for a cleaner future!