ice & mixed course

Two and a half day 440€

Great 2and a 1/2 day course to learn the technique of climbing on ice and mixed with the use of crampons and ice axes, together with other specific equipment provided by us, such as friends, nuts, piton and ice screws. ..and the ropes!
First Day Climbing in a Dry tooling Crag
Second Day climbing mixed ice and rock crag
Third Day climbing one multi pitch mixed route.
Important theoretical content, such as risk management, will be illustrated by our guides during the activity.

Requirements: have already climbed on ice and is fit.

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Ice climbing Level

Ice climbing tope rope WI 5




Best location with better ice conditions.


crampon-able boots, crampons, mixed ice axes (rentable).

Cost per Participant

440 € x person which does not include fuel costs which will be divided among the participants, and board and lodging to be paid by the participants


min. 3 max 6people


2 pairs of socks, long-sleeved/legged underwear and under-breeches in microfibre or merinos, 2 fleece/polartech, turtleneck, soft-shell or schoeller pants, over-pants in gore-tex, gore-tex/waterproof jacket, down jacket or synthetic, thin and thick gloves (2-3 pairs), hat under the helmet and balaclava, goggles, sunglasses and high UV protection cream.
Bring 1 change for inner garments.


from January to March