Via Ferratas – Lake Garda & Sarca Valley

No vertigo? We will take you to fantastic places, climbing along paths named 'Via Ferrata' which are equipped with ladders and metal cables; with a little physical preparation and some uphill walking training, you will reach scenic places and experience the emotions of a little mountaineer, our guides always at your side taking care of your safety.
Depending on your skills and training, the guide will choose the Via Ferrata that best suits you, promising breathtaking views within reach of all levels. Below is a description of the most popular Via Ferratas.

Via Ferrata Tracciolino or Contrabbandieri runs along the old smugglers' path, a breathtaking crossing at 300-400 meters overlooking the lake with an altitude difference of 300-400m. Doable in half day.

Via Ferrata Cima Capi is one of the best Via Ferrata rings above Garda Lake, a fantastic itinerary that runs along the right orographic ridge of the same name above Riva del Garda and partly through the trenches of World War I. The route lasts 6-7 hours with an altitude difference of 600m uphill and 600m downhill. Despite its length, it's easy level.

Via Ferrata Che Guevara is a Big Wall that runs up in the weakest areas of the Casale wall, between Pietramurata and Sarche, with a 1000m difference in height and a duration of 7-9 hours (transfer). Medium level.

Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni in Drena is an easy and technical itinerary in a narrow and fascinating Canyon, it includes two Tibetan bridges and a difference in height of 200m (3h30m); after you reached the top you can see the Drena castle ruins.
We usually include Rio Sallagoni in a tour together with the Colodri ferrata, with a stop in between for some home-made ice cream!

Via Ferrata Colodri climbs the easiest area in between the two rocky walls of Arco, with a height difference of 270m which results in a beautiful view of Lake Garda.

Via Ferrata Rino Pisetta is a difficult Via Ferrata on the rock monolith dominating Sarche. The panorama is magnificent, offering to the eye almost all the lakes in the valley below where river Sarca runs. The ascent and descent include about 500m of altitude difference.

** N.B .: Inform your guide in advance of any medical and / or physical condition, allergy or other that could adversely affect the activity and cause dangerous situations for you, your companions and the guide. **


harness, ferrata set, helmet (rentable), gloves (optional).
all year round, itinerary selected according to the season.
Riva del Garda, Arco, Drena, Pietramurata, Sarche.
- Tracciolino/Contrabbandieri - Riva - 85€ per person min 4 people

- Cima Capi - Riva - 85€ per person min 4 people

- Che Guevara - Casale - 120€ per person min 3 people

- Rio Sallagoni - Drena - 65€ per person min 4 people

- Colodri - Arco - 65€ per person min 4 people

- Rino Pisetta - Sarche - 300€ max 2 people
min. 3/4 and max. 5 persons per guide, depending on the Via Ferrata and except for special notes (see details under 'Cost').



from 65€