Advances Climbing Course

The crag is to all intents and purposes an adventure terrain, we must be technically prepared, evolve in technique and manage strength and resistance to progress in this discipline, managing by reducing the risk on the crag, sometimes even with artificial means. Knowing how to fall and knowing where we can fall and where we must for our safety, climb downhill, analyze the bolting.
The course serves not only to make you grow technically, but also to raise awareness of the risks that you can run, and how to reduce them.
Contents: risk management, correct use of various brakes, essential rope technique, face the fall.
Minimum level 6A +/b for lead climber


In the Crag near Trento and Sarca Valley
throughout the year, but late spring is preferred when the days are longer and when the evening hours can also be exploited
5 Appointments,
- first 3-hour in the indoor gym dedicated to falls and safety;
- second outing 3 hours outdoor bouldering
- third, fourth and fifth 4-hour excursion to different crags
Helmet Harness climbing shoes Quickdrow
Anithing is rentable 6€ a piece
Cost and participants
cost: 1 person 800€
2 people 400€
3 people 270€
4 people 210€