Stage multi pitch climbing dolomites-arco

Dolomites 340€ - Sarca/Arco 280€

How do I use the fast protections? Where do I put them? How to create a belay?

Two distinct programs of 3 events each, one for the Summer and one for the other seasons, to enter the world of multi-pitch routes using the fast protections 'nuts' and 'friends', and execution of a belay.

A) Summer: Dolomites long weekend.
1^ appointment: meeting, journey to the Dolomites, ascent to the refuge with lift, introduction to TRAD climbing, presentation of the materials, study of their use, execution of a belay, abseiling, progression in climbing as leading climber while testing the protections just put in with intentional fall, and a back up rope.
The evening will be dedicated to a theoretical lesson on the mountains dangers.
2^ & 3^ appointment: ascent of multi-pitch routes as second climber, follow your guide explaining the correct positioning of the protections, on long routes according to your abilities varying between 180m and 250m length.

B) Spring / Autumn / Winter: Valle del Sarca.
1^ appointment: in the evening, introduction to TRAD climbing, presentation of the materials, study of their use, execution of a belay, abseiling.
2^ appointment: a day of practical testing of the fast protections put on by yourself, and on which you will do fall tests with a back-up rope; learn how to make a belay with fast protections.
3^ appointment: a traditional multi-pitch route on the limestone of the Sarca Valley, following your mountain guide as a second climbing partner on routes of 200-300m.

Required grade: 5b / c, 6a as a leading climber.

N.B .: always inform your guide about any physical problems, diseases, allergies, phobias.


Summer: Brenta Dolomites ; 10-11-12 July;23-24-25 July;
10-11-12 September;
Sella Dolomites 3-4-5 Jun; 16-17-18 Jun;
13-14-15 September
Spring/Autumn/Winter: Sarca Valley (Arco).
Usually scheduled during a long weekend.


Dolomites (Valentini Hut, Passo Sella)
Brenta Dolomites, Madonna di Campiglio (Graffer Hut)
Sarca Vallery (various locations).


harness, helmet, climbing shoes, atc or reverso giga jul mega jul, daisy chain, 3-4 screw biners, kevlar cord for prusik or machard, personal equipment friends, nuts, nuts remover, hammer, and pitons.


Dolomites 340€
Sarca V./Arco 280€


min. 4 / max. 8 people


suitable for the season and the weather, gore-tex or windproof jacket always recommended.