Climb the Best tower in the Dolomites

Can you climb up to 4c?
Here is the most spectacular tower within your reach, a highly satisfying climb and a must for every climber (especially if from Trentino)!
Campanil Basso is the most beautiful tower in the Dolomites, about 600m of beautiful and clean dolomite rock. Being located in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites the approach is a bit of an effort, taking about 3 hours on foot from Madonna di Campiglio.
The normal route proposed here is about 300m and 11 pitches; leaving behind the ref. Pedrotti, we cross the mouth of Brenta and follow the well-known 'Sentiero delle Bocchette' for about 1/3 of its length, thus reaching the start of the normal route: 1st pitch quite simple, 2nd pitch about 4c / 5a is the most difficult, 3rd pitch reaches the ledge, 4th pitch moves diagonally to reach the Y-shaped chimneys, 5th pitch goes along the right chimney, the 6th & 7th pitch move along the 'provincial road '(wide ledge that crosses the whole tower), and then the final 4 pitches (one of which downhill is not exactly easy) take you to reach the top, where it is traditional to ring the bell!

It is very important to be honest in declaring your climbing grade: for the good of all we want to avoid an excursion beyond your possibilities, especially in such a remote location.
We suggest that you test your level by climbing a route with our guides before the excursion, as an option we could include to this package a rock-climbing route along the trekking that leads to the Pedrotti refuge, so that you climb it the day before you go for the tower.

If, on the other hand, you are a really good climber, you must know that on Campanil Basso there are other routes of greater length and difficulty, the cost of which varies proportionally. Contact us if you wish to receive more quotations.

** N.B .: Inform your guide in advance of any medical and / or physical condition, allergy or other that could adversely affect the activity and cause dangerous situations for you, your companions and the guide. **


end June to beginning October, based on seasonal weather conditions.
Campanil Basso tower, Brenta Dolomites
rock-climbing shoes, harness, helmet, slings, descender (rentable).
Single participant: Campanil Basso tower 500€,
Campanil Basso tower+test route 800€
Two participants: Campanil Basso tower €, test route900 €;
max 2 people
suitable for the season and the weather conditions, gore-tex or windproof jacket always recommended;
mandatory a sleeping bag for overnight stay in the mountain hut and all the necessary for personal hygiene.