Avalanche self-rescue & snow analysis

Tailored one-day internship (A)powerpoint presentation and video, and same-day outing. B) one and a half day, evening with powerpoint and video presentation and one-day outing with study of the snowpack and avalanche self-rescue exercises; C)the same as the other programs on theory but with two days in the field, changing locations
The powerpoints and videos are on reading the Avalanche Regional Report, knowledge of the metamorphisms of the snow, of the danger of avalanches deriving from the same that change both the upper and inner layers of the snow, generating avalanches) and on the organization of self-rescue
Exit that makes use of an a.r.t.v.a. with four sensors.
By simulating a real rescue to various burials, located at different depths under the snow, we will improve the effectiveness of our action during an avalanche search
The phases through which the exercise unfolds are: fake call to 112 rescue Phone, localization of buried subjects using 'artva', sounding, memorization of positions, intervention with the shovel to free the buried subjects from the snow.
We will make theoretical hints on nivology and snow stability and a practical study of the layers of the snowpack.


snow shoes or ski-mountaineering skis, probe-shovel-avalanche transceiver (rentable).
Winter 23-24 February program B
in one of the selected locations with interesting snow conditions
A) 80€ person
B) 100€ person
C) 180€ person
min. 5 / max. 7 people



80€ / 100€