Avalanche self-rescue

65€ / 95€

Learn how to use the avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel, fast digging in team, how to manage a rescue in snow.
A tailor-made course of one day (A) or one and a half day (B) that makes use of an avalanche transceiver field simulator with four sensors.

By simulating real rescue to various buried subjects located at different depths under the snow, we will improve the effectiveness of our action during avalanche search. We will enact the different passages of a rescue: simulated call to 112, location of the buried subjects by transceiver, probing, memorization of positions, shovel digging to free the buried subjects.
We will give some theoretical notions of snow stability and do a practical study of the snowpack layers.
The B) program will be more complete (cost 95€).


snow shoes or ski-mountaineering skis, probe-shovel-avalanche transceiver (rentable).




in one of the selected locations with interesting snow conditions


A) 65€ a person
B) 95€ a person


min. 5 / max. 7 people