half-day sport climbing


Struggling to take a whole day off to devote to your passion? With the half-day package (4 hours) you can practice sport climbing in the natural crags around Trento and in the Sarca Valley/Arco.
You will climb on sedimentary "limestone" rock on Monte Calisio and Monte Celva or on porphyry in Rizzolaga (Pinè) and Piazzo (Val Floriana), according to your skills and level.
You can also opt for some 'bouldering' (free climbing on large boulders with the use of crash-pads to cushion the fall, we provide the pads), which we will practice in the porphyry area of Lona-Lazes, also an opportunity to visit the lovely lake of Lazes (excellent Summer alternative to the more famously frequented lakes).
Call two of your friends to reach the minimum number of participants or contact us to join a to-be group!


rock-climbing shoes, harness, helmet (rentable), ropes and other climbing equipment will be provided by the guide.


all year round in selected locations.


- Monte Celva - Limestone

- Monte Calisio - Limestone

- Rizzolaga (Pine) - Porphyry

- Piazzo (Val Floriana) - Porphyry

- Bouldering Lazes - Porphyry


65€ a person for half day (4h).


min 3 p. / max 5 people.


suitable for the season and the weather, gore-tex or windproof jacket always recommended