Clean & Climb – Trento

1st stop of the eco-sustainable tour of waste collection in beautiful areas of Italy: Trento, crag of Forti.
In two days, more than 4500 kg of garbage was collected.

The material found is the result of discharges carried out from the road that passes over the cliff: bins, parts of mopeds, clothes and shoes, waste oil cans, old toilet parts, many diapers, various scrap metal and (paradoxically!) dry leaves gathered up in plastic bags.

The initiative stems from the idea and action of Massimo Faletti and Matteo Della Bordella who, thanks to the precious help of passionate climbers fond of their climbing sites, were able to carry out these cleaning days and, with the support of the sponsors Karpos, Scarpa and Vibram, undertake the journey (by train and electric car) to the next cleaning destinations, in beautiful Sicily.
All this followed by the faithful camera eye of Riky Piana, author of this beautiful video.