Clean & Climb – San Vito Lo Capo (Sicily)

3rd stop of the eco-sustainable tour of waste collection in beautiful areas of Italy: San Vito Lo Capo, Salinella cliff.
In half a day, about 1000 kg of garbage collected.

This beautiful destination could not be missing, well known to all climbers for the multiple offer of climbing routes a short distance from the town and with a priceless view of the sea.
Here, in addition to friends and local climbers, visitors from Argentina, Chile and Germany also joined in the action, and all together worked to clean up the coast overlooking the crags from waste, mostly brought by the sea and accumulated on the shore; here an active group of people regularly organizes waste collection days a couple of times a year, so the work was faster than at the previous locations.
The collected material was sorted by the volunteers and piled up in good order pending the conferment in the appropriate area; among the items found: plastic and polystyrene, fuel and exhausted oils tanks and, sadly, shoes and slippers in large numbers ...

The video made by Riky Piana (below) beautifully describes the day of cleaning and climbing: the shot of the mother with the little girl, both engaged in the waste collecting, fills our hearts with emotions; an optimistic outlook on the future.

San Vito closes the first edition of the "Clean & Climb" project, conceived and promoted by Massimo Faletti and Matteo Della Bordella, supported by sponsors Karpos, Scarpa, Vibram, sensitive to the environmental issue, and above all by the many volunteers who took part in the initiative by dedicating their time and energy to the realization of an ideal: a cleaner world.