winter mountaineering ice & mixed

Are you a good ice and mixed climber? This is a great experience for mid-season and Winter mountaineering.
Climbing on couloir & mixed in high-altitude is a mountaineering activity in which, in addition to skill, speed is also required in ice & mixed climbing and in removing nuts and friends, as well as familiarity with crevasse rescue and problems related to snow and avalanche. If taken to a high level, it is one of the most complete mountaineering activities, essential in exploratory expeditions.

Based on the yearly environmental conditions, we offer tours in various areas including the Dolomites, Presanella, Adamello, Mont Blanc. For the approaches we use touring skis or snowshoes.

As with the Summer mountaineering, this activity is not for everyone and requires adequate physical preparation and a minimum of ice climbing experience.


Autumn, Winter, Spring, depending on climatic conditions.

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