river trekking trento


River Trekking is a playful discovery activity suitable for all ages and consists in going up or down the course of a stream, mainly with the feet in the current of water.
From our base in Trento we offer you a trek that goes up the course of the Fersina river, which descends from Val dei Mocheni to Pergine and then ends right in the city center; in a path that alternates between the two banks, we will approach the Serra Cantanghel waterfall (an Austro-Hungarian relic, ask your guide about its history!) where we will be able to observe the flow of the channeled waters with the aid of specially prepared ropes, after which we complete the loop by going down the river to the starting point.
A few swims and dives in the most beautiful pools will add flavor to the adventure, an adventure accompanied by our guides a few steps from Trento!

Like canyoning, river trekking is also very suitable as a 'team building' activity. Pass the idea on to your HR!

** N.B .: Inform your guide in advance of any medical and / or physical condition, allergy or other that could adversely affect the activity and cause dangerous situations for you, your companions and the guide. **




Trento, Fersina river


helmet, life vest


40€ per person


min. 4 people


swimsuit, sneakers or boots, towel, change of clothes.