Multi Pitch trad course

3-day 340€

How do I use the fast protections? Where to I put them? How I create a belay?
Check out this 3-day course plus 1 presentation evening:

-Evening: presentation and introduction to TRAD climbing, execution of a belay and abseiling with simulator panel.
- Day 1: construction of a belay with fast protections (friends, nuts) and progression in climbing as a leading climber while testing the protections just put in with an intentional fall, and a back-up rope.
- Days 2 & 3: follow the alpine guide while he explains the positioning of the protections, climb routes about 300m long on limestone.

The course is dedicated to multi pitch traditional climbing on limestone, therefore it takes place in the Sarca and Adige valleys: presentation of materials, study of their use, rope maneuvers, abseiling.

Required grade: 5b / 5c as leading climber.


rock climbing shoes, harness, helmet, ATC or giga jul mega jul, 4 screw biners, daisy chain (rentable); if you have any, bring your friends and nuts.


Spring & Autumn


Adige and Sarca valleys




min. 3 people