summer mountaineering course

full 620€ short 370€

Perfect course if you are interested in learning high altitude mountaineering.
We offer two formulas, Full and Short:

- 2 theoretical lessons on equipment management, reading maps of the GPS system on smartphone and itinerary planning, analysis of mountains hazards and how to train your body before facing altitude mountains.
- 5 days full immersion in high altitude mountains: self-stop in the snow with ice ax and crampons, self-rescue in crevasses, management of the short rope on snow and rock ridges, snow anchor belay in frozen snow, ice and rock.
Depending on your ability and learning speed we will make some nice climbs (e.g. the Vincent pyramid from the West ridge, Zumstein, Capanna Margherita, Parrot, Corno Nero, Naso del Liskam).

after a briefing on mountain hazards and the use of the GPS system on smartphones, we will do three days of practice on: auto-stop with ice ax and crampons on snow, self-rescue in crevasses, snow anchor belay on snow and ice; we will climb easy snow and rock ridges and 2 high mountain climbs.

This course is not for everyone, you need adequate physical training before facing the experience.

** N.B .: Inform your guide in advance of any medical and / or physical condition, allergy or other that could adversely affect the activity and cause dangerous situations for you, your companions and the guide. **


beginning Summer (best period) to September/ October


Monte Rosa, rif. Capanna Gnifetti


harness, helmet, ice ax, cramponable or semi-cramponable boots, semi-automatic or automatic crampons, one ice screw over 20cm, 2 kevlar (one for machard and one for three shoulder turns), 2 webbing or kevlar two shoulder turns, 1 Tblock or ropeman, 1 micro-traction or sim., pulley, 4 locking carabiners (of which 2 pear-shaped and two small ones), 1 reverse or sim. with their own better light carabiners.
(much of this material can be rented at Sunnyclimb, boots included).


FULL 620€/person
SHORT 370€/person


min. 3 people


two pairs of socks, long sleeves and under-breeches in microfibre or merinos, 2 fleece/polartech, turtleneck sweater, soft-shell or schoeller trousers, gore-tex over-trousers, gore-tex windbreaker, down or synthetic jacket, thin and thick gloves, hat under the helmet and balaclava, goggles, sunglasses and high UV protection cream, 35-40L backpack, thermos with hot drink.