We will bring you to where millennia of running water have moulded the face of the Earth itself, forming deep gorges, natural slides, waterfalls and deep pools. You will be adequately equipped with diving suit, harness and helmet so you can get the most out of these natural water parks and get a taste for new adventure and adrenalin. These wet trails offer coolness in the hot summer months, rope assisted jumps and much more, all managed by professional Mountain Guides in full respect of your safety and the natural environment.

Canyoning is an outdoor activity, which dates back to the late 80s and develops in France, consists of descending, dressed in a wetsuit, a harness, a helmet, using ropes of the itineraries created over thousands of years by the water that has carved slides natural pools , where you have fun jumping (max 5-6 m) slipping and swimming in these natural water-fun. We recommend respect for nature by avoiding peeing in the suit, reducing risk by listening carefully to the briefing made by the guides and the same during Canyoning.

In these areas we can boast of various routes from easy and fun to difficult and technical in Trento and Rovereto we have two beautiful canyon.

Minimum 4 participants – maximum 40. It is possible to organise large groups for companies and team-building events.


Spring, summer, autumn.


The Trentino Alto Adige region, Veneto and Lombardy (in the Bergamo area).


All necessary equipment will be provided.


Bathing/swim suit, light trekking shoes or trainers, a change of clothes and a towel.