Climbing - long adventure itineraries - with bolts, pitons and “nuts”

You climb as a following climber , we know a lot of places from Arco Sarca Valley throug Dolomites to the alps, if we did some new routes with clients . Along these itineraries the these subjects will be discussed: adventure management, objective hazards, preparation of equipment, correct securing to the lead climber, use of nuts/friends, safety of the following climbers, weather conditions, etc...

A maximum of 2 participants per Mountain Guide.


Winter in the Sarca Valley and Arco, on sunny days where temperatures remain above 0°C and Sardinia and Sicily.

Summer in the Dolomites.

In general climbing is possible all year round by choosing the right location and considering local climatic trends.


From the trails of the Sarca Valley, of all difficulty and fixed protection levels, to adventure trails with any kind of approach in the Dolomites, the Mello and Masino valleys, Verdon, Wendenstock, Wetterstein Gebirge, Keiser Gebirge, the Orco Valley, Mont Blanc. Less known mountain groups are also available such as Presanella, Cima d’Asta, Lagorai, Disgrazia and numerous climbing proposals in Siciliy and Sardinia.


Harness, climbing or approach shoes, helmet, small backpack with water bottle.

* Technical equipment is available for rent at the price of €5/item.

What to wear

Robust quick-dry pants, a lightweight Schoeller top, microfiber pullover with long sleeves (better with a zipped polo neck), another with short sleeves or sleeveless, a heavy fleece jacket, anorak. Having said this, clothing will depend on the season and weather conditions and will be discussed prior to leaving with your Mountain Guide.