Sport climbing

here we are very lucky, because we can climb in in 6 different rock, where the volontari work di a lot of new crags, and the rIndividual or group outings aimed at the improvement of safety procedures, knowledge of rope manoeuvres and motor skills.

Minimum 3-4 participants per Mountain Guide. It is possible to organise large groups for companies and team-building events.


All year round. In winter the Sarca Valley is ideal with its Mediterranean microclimate such as other locations around the city of Trento facing south/south-west which are also protected from the north winds. In the summer months shady and high altitude locations are recommended.


Various locations depending on your skills and preferences.


Harness, climbing or approach shoes, helmet, 22l backpack with canteen or thermos flask.

What to wear

Depends on the season and on local weather conditions. By all means, comfortable apparel is recommended and trainers will do for the approach.

do you like to climb?