winter mountaineering ice & mixed

Are you a good ice and mixed climber? This is a great experience for mid-season and Winter mountaineering. Climbing on couloir & mixed in high-altitude is a mountaineering activity in which, in addition to skill, speed is also required in ice & mixed climbing and in removing fast protections, nuts and friends, as well as familiarity with crevasse rescue.If taken to a high level, it is one of the most complete mountaineering activities, essential in exploratory expeditions.

Based on the yearly environmental conditions, we offer tours in various areas including the Dolomites, Presanella, Adamello, Mont Blanc. For the approaches we use touring skis or snowshoes.
As with the Summer mountaineering, this activity is not for everyone and requires adequate physical preparation and a minimum of ice climbing experience.
IMPORTANT: Always warn your guide about physical problems, diseases and any allergies or phobias.

Are you a good ice and mixed climber, this is a great experience mid-season and winter mountaineering, through the icy lines in the dihedral and the cracks, which can only be climbed during the winter: our mountain guides will make you live this adventure. and some rope belays on the rock.
Depending on the conditions, outputs will be made in areas such as the Presanella Adamello mount Blanc Delfinato.
Mountaineering skis are very useful, but you can also approach them with snowshoes, you have to know or learn the crevasse rescue rope tecniques and avalances resque.


Autumn, Winter, Spring, depending on climatic conditions.


Throughout the Alps.


Boots with crampons, ice axes, harness, helmet, two shoulder sling, three carabiners, kevlar lanyard for abseiling, ATC or other belay device, eventual mountaineering skis or snowshoes.


two pairs of sock, long sleeved/legged undergarments (arms and legs) possibly in fleece or microfiber, two fleece or Polartech tops with high collar, soft-shell or schoeller pants, waterproof gore-tex pants, windproof gore-tex jacket and down/synthetic jacket, light and thick gloves, had to be worn under your helmet, ski-mask and goggles/sunglasses, high UV protection sunscreen. Thermos flask with hot beverage.